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Papua New Guinea Stamps

It has been a while, and you came across your old stamp collection, and you were looking it over with your son. As you looked through its pages, and remembered some of what you had once put in there, you began to wonder if any of the stamps had any value. You found it also piqued your interest again, and decided to expand your own collection. At the same time, your son seemed to show an interest, and wants you to show him how to become a postage stamp collector.

So, the first thing you do is decide what equipment you need. You make a list and include the following: stamp book, stamps, stamp hinges, tweezers, a stamp catalog.

Before you buy, anything, however, it would be good to check with your son, show him some of your stamps, and suggest to him a subject, or theme, that he might be interested in to start his collection. Possible themes would be: animals, such as tigers, lions, wild animals, animals of North America, etc.; trains, planes, space program, people, such as movie stars, presidents, Elvis Presley, etc.; or, flags, statue of liberty, etc.; or, just all stamps of the United States.

After a theme has been selected, go online to places such as the Papua New Guinea Stamps for sale webpage, and here you will find many links that deal with just about all aspects of stamp collecting. There is a link for stamp dealers, as well as information about how to best organize the collection into a way that any postage stamp collector could be proud of.

Catalogs can be ordered from most stamp companies. These show the latest offers, and will also list other pertinent information like the date, cost, and value of certain stamps. Different issues will relate to a specific subject matter, or particular year. Scott's catalog is the standard for stamp collectors around the world. Smaller catalogs can be obtained online.

One place to buy stamps, on a regular basis is from the Post Office. They have a website that displays some of the latest stamps, sets, and sheets that are available. You can order what you want and see what you are getting online.

Being a postage stamp collector can be so easy these days. You can also download computer software that will allow you to have your stamp collection information arranged in a way that is most accessible.
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