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Follow your friends
A slightly hidden option within Apple Music is the ability to check in on the music your friends are listening to. Before you can do this, you need to activate your Apple Music profile by tapping on the person silhouette at the top of the For You screen. After assigning yourself a user name and a public name, the Music app will take a look at your iOS contacts and figure which of your friends are also on Apple Music.

Those who have offered to let anyone follow them will show up first — and you can tap the follow button next to each of these — but you’ll also see your Apple Music friends who have not offered an open-follow option. For these contacts, you can tap an invite button, which then sends an encouragement link to them via the usual sharing options. It’s not a very personal message — just an Apple Music URL — so you’ll have to make it a true invite yourself, otherwise, it will likely be ignored.

Once this is all set up, you can choose to be notified if and when your friends follow you, or when there are artist or live show events that Apple Music thinks you might be interested in.

Yep, there’s an EQ, but it’s pretty limited at the moment. You won’t be able to make individual adjustments across the sonic spectrum, as Apple limits you to a collection of presets. On iOS, you’ll need to venture outside the Apple Music app to access it, which can be annoying if you’re a genre-hopper. Find it in Settings > Music > EQ.

More ways to listen
Apple Music works on more than just iPhones. You can find the app for other devices like iPads, Macs, and the Apple Watch. It works on Apple TV. You can access the service via the iTunes app for Windows-based PCs, and your Apple Music subscription will work via Sonos and Amazon’s Echo family of smart speakers, not to mention Apple’s very own HomePod?, which is the most natural pairing you’ll find, but you should steer clear if you aren’t using it with an Apple device. There’s also a version for Android, which now lets you stream Apple Music to any Chromecast device on your network.

So there you have it — Apple Music in a nutshell. It’s similar to services like Spotify and Pandora, but with plenty of unique features to help it stand out from the streaming crowd. Is it right for you? Only one way to find out, so grab the three-month free trial while you still can.


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